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June 14, 2023 1 min read

2022 ADL Fashion Week got a curvaceous boost when Alexandra Lingerie took its place on the catwalk during the Adelaide Arcade x Cielo AFW High Tea.

The runway showcased a range of clothing brands worn by traditional fashion models, and then the crowd got to see the Alexandra bombshells. 

Four glorious women, pulled from the general population, to display the lingerie the way it’s meant to look on D+ cup sizes!

Not only did it give everyone a sneak peek at some of our amazing bras, but it also shattered all those dumb myths about how your boobs are supposed to look.

Our models were stunning and confident, representing body types beyond the regular runway fare, in beautiful well-fitted lingerie.

During the Cielo High Tea event, Alex spoke about things we genuinely care about - like how a bra should fit properly. You wouldn't believe how many women out there are wearing the wrong-sized bra - we've gotta break those "A-B-C" stereotypes! 

She gave super-solid advice on how important it is to get the perfect fit, and encouraged the fashionistas to come in and test their assumed size.


The audience was so into everything they saw on that runway! Everyone was pumped to see everyday women in our lingerie. It was awesome to represent the Alexandra Lingerie ethos at Adelaide Fashion Week 2022, and help promote more body positivity.

Thanks so much to our gorgeous models, and a special thank you to Adelaide Arcade for their extra support in involving us in this outstanding event. Bring on ADL Fashion Week 23!


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